From the Fresh Air of IndonesiaFrom the Fresh Air of Indonesia

Bringing the essence of the authenticity of Indonesia’s fresh air, we present high-quality products with international quality standards.

Products with international quality standards

About Us

3 Reasons Why Duta Surya Sukses Is Your Top Choice

Largest Plant in the Riau ArchipelagoLargest Plant in the Riau Archipelago

Our expansive facility boasts the highest production capacity in the region, capable of producing up to 160 tons of liquid gases per day to meet growing market demands.

Strong Reputation and Extensive ExperienceStrong Reputation and Extensive Experience

We possess a robust reputation and substantial expertise in exporting liquid gases to key markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, and various regions in Africa.

Professional and Experienced TeamProfessional and Experienced Team

Our team of industrial gas consultants is highly professional and brings extensive experience to the field. We stand prepared to offer tailored advice and solutions that cater to your specific needs and operational requirements, ensuring optimal utilization of your liquid gases.

Our Products

Discover Duta Surya Sukses’ Leading Products

Our company features liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon, derived through the cryogenic process of air liquefaction. These products find diverse applications across industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, pulp and paper, food and beverage, healthcare, and beyond.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrogen gas condensed into liquid form, essential for the cooling and preservation of various logistical materials.

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen

Oxygen gas converted into liquid state, pivotal in diverse medical and industrial applications.

Liquid Argon

Liquid Argon

Argon gas liquefied and utilized for precision metal cutting and welding processes.

Our Services

What services does Duta Surya Sukses offer?

Our services include tank rental, gas filling, gas transportation, and technical consultation to meet your industrial gas needs. We determine the appropriate tank size, safely fill liquid gases, transport them using specialized vehicles, and provide tailored technical advice.

Service Consultation
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What Our Clients Say?

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Getting To Know Us Better

Getting to Know Duta Surya Sukses Better: Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products and services have official certificates or licenses?

Yes, our products and services are accompanied by official certificates and licenses issued by governmental and regulatory bodies. We strictly adhere to international standards for the production and supply of industrial gases.

Do your products and services come with a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, our products and services are covered by guarantees and warranties as per relevant regulations. We take full responsibility for the quality of our offerings and are prepared to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

Are your products and services safe and environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, our products and services prioritize safety and environmental sustainability. We employ advanced technologies that reduce exhaust emissions, conserve energy, and ensure workplace safety, all while complying with applicable environmental regulations.

What happens after I fill out the online form?

After submitting the online form, our marketing and sales team will contact you within 24 hours via email, telephone, or WhatsApp. During this interaction, our team will engage in discussions to understand your specific liquefied gas requirements, including tank size, gas type and quantity, project details, and desired delivery schedule.

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Want Free Technical Consultation?

Are you considering our products and services? If so, we have an enticing offer for you. We provide complimentary consultations aimed at assisting you in securing optimal industrial gas solutions. Feel free to inquire about our products and services, and receive a customized price quote that aligns with your requirements and budget.

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